Friday, 20 February 2009

3 more illustration projects:

A poster for the Royal Cornwall Museum - the tagline was "Amazing objects, amazing stories." I tried to communicate the idea of a story taking place without explicitly outlining a specific story from an item in the museum's collection.

Another poster, this one for a theatre production of Macbeth. I was practicing character interaction as most of my paintings tend to have people isolated, but to be honest I prefer my paintings to talk to the audience rather than to themselves.

Something a bit different, a portrait of Tom Petty for a magazine article. I was going for a warm Californian feel but it ended up pretty cold - that's the cold English weather creeping in probably.

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P Tinkler said...

I was recently at the New Blood exhibition in London and very much enjoyed looking at your work. It's encouraging to still see illustrators embracing traditional methods. At times it feels as though the industry is a little saturated with digital illustration so it was a breath of fresh air. Looking forward to your next series of paintings, whatever they may be.