Thursday, 24 September 2009

Three paintings from a new project about home spaces - the little details that define those spaces that we see all day but never notice.

"Untitled 1"
Oil on canvas
50cm x 50cm

"Untitled 2"
Oil on canvas
24" x 24"

"Untitled 3"
Oil on canvas
50cm x 60cm


Maria said...

Hello! do you remember me at all from falmouth? Jenny's friend. I just wanted to say seeing all your work on here has made me inconsolably jealous. I must paint more. You were so much better than me even way back at the beginning of this blog. (I looked, and marvelled)

If you havent done it already, I think you should go visit which is a forum with a lot of the old eatpoo crowd (it was you who lurked on eatpoo, yes?) Enjoy, and please keep painting, or i'll cry.

markboardman said...

Hi Maria, thanks for your kind words! Thanks for bringing the forum to my attention too.
Don't worry, I've got no plans to stop painting yet.